Charlie Daniels says he’s looking forward to his annual Christmas 4 Kids concert.  But the singer admits it’s not just because the charity event helps make the holiday season a little brighter for some children in need.  He tells “Billboard” it’s always special to take the stage at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium.  Charlie admits that it’s a special venue to him.  He recalls when he first arrived in Nashville roughly 60 years ago he sat in the audience at the Ryman, and the thought of actually playing on that stage “seemed like a dream that was beyond” reach.  Daniels says he always takes the stage with reverence — and adds that he’s not alone.  He explains that “if you have any heart about you at all, you have to stop and think about what a legendary stage you’re playing.”

Charlie also says Christmas 4 Kids is his official launch to the holiday season.  He explains the Christmas roll out seems to get earlier and earlier each year, but he refuses to “acknowledge getting into the Christmas season” until he’s played his Christmas 4 Kids concert.  This year’s benefit, also featuring country stars Phil Vassar, Andy Griggs, Ty Herndon, and others, will take place at the Ryman Monday night.

Bear Radio’s thanks for Music Row for the picture.