Country artist Tracy Lawrence hosted his ninth annual Mission Possible turkey fry Tuesday for residents of the Nashville Rescue Mission. “It’s probably the best downtown smells all year long,” Lawrence said. Five-hundred birds are fried in hot oil and then served to the 800 people who live at the mission. “Clients are very grateful,” said Billy Eldridge with the Nashville Rescue Mission. “Many people would go hungry. And it’s not just a meal, it’s a deep-fried turkey. It don’t get any better.”
Volunteers do most of the cooking and then get a chance to sample the turkeys. The mission serves 2,000 meals every day, but Thanksgiving dinners need to be different and special. That’s where Lawrence comes in. “I just feel if everybody gives something back to the community, the world would be a better place,” Lawrence said.
This year, volunteers kicked 50 extra turkeys and made them available for a $100 donation.  Several companies also contributed to the event. Blue Rhino provided the propane, LouAna provided the oil and Piedmont Gas contributed many of the turkeys.


Bear Radio thanks to WBRC TV in Nashville for this story