The Grammy winning country band has a new holiday EP, Christmas Comes Alive, which marks the first time lead vocalist Marty Raybon has recorded with the band in 17 years.
Marty left the band to launch a solo career, and in 2014, he and his former bandmates reunited to perform a benefit concert for a friend battling cancer. That performance led to Marty and the band reuniting for a string of shows. “It’s kind of like riding a bicycle,” drummer Mike McGuire says. “We had done so many shows over the years together, even though we spent 17 years apart, we got back up on the stage and it was like we never stopped. We knew those songs inside out. They were still dear to our hearts.”
Marty says the band was flying back from two successful shows in Canada and were pumped up by the reaction from the crowd when the idea arose to record the Christmas album. They recorded the new project in Muscle Shoals, Ala., at Wishbone Recording Studio. “The last recording I did with the group 17 years ago was a Christmas recording. It’s kind of ironic,”
Marty is excited about fans hearing Christmas Comes Alive and says the band is working on new music to be released next year. “This coming year for Shenandoah is going to be very important, as far as making a statement that we are really reloaded with music that folks have missed and opportunity to do it,” he says. “We can’t wait until they get to hear it. The last 17 years apart has given us a perspective of what we had done and the understanding of the direction to take in the future.”

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