Jim Ed Brown fans are in for a treat.  The Opry star’s new studio effort, “In Style Again,” arrives in stores Tuesday.  It’s his first release in 30 years.  Jim Ed’s sister Bonnie Brown is featured on disc’s lead-off single, “When The Sun Says Hello To The Mountain.”

Another song on the 13-track set, “Don’t Let Me Cross Over,” sees Jim Ed pairing up once again with his longtime duet partner Helen Cornelius.  Vince Gill and The Whites also make guest appearances on the disc.

Brown’s new album comes as he continues his battle with lung cancer.  The 80-year-old singer revealed his diagnosis last fall.  He credits the support he’s received from his family and fans for helping him through his treatments, explaining that they’ve given him “an incredible boost during this emotional time.”  Jim Ed says he’s feeling good, and is optimistic about beating the disease.  He adds that he’s “grateful for every day” he gets to “spend on God’s green Earth,” and he’s “thankful to everyone who gives meaning” to his life.

Jim Ed Brown’s “In Style Again” Track Listing:

1. When The Sun Says Hello To The Mountain (featuring The Browns)
2. Tried And True (featuring Vince Gill)
3. In Style Again
4. Watching The World Walking By
5. You Again (featuring The Whites)
6. I Love It
7. Don’t Let Me Cross Over (featuring Helen Cornelius)
8. Older Guy
9. It’s A Good Life
10. Lucky Enough
11. Laura (Do You Love Me)
12. The Last One
13. Am I Still Country?