Tropical storm Bill has left many Oklahomans stranded, but one man is home safe tonight, thanks to an Oklahoma icon.
It was on country roads near Ardmore, that Blake Shelton met Roho Hartman. Roho says he was headed home, when he reached a river that was once a road. “There was a car on the other side..he went through it,” said Hartman. “I thought huh…I believe I’d make it to.”
But soon he and another passerby were pushing his stalled truck up a hill, waist deep in water….until a Dodge pulled up with a handy tow rope.
“The guy said ‘are you ready?’” said Hartman. “I thought…that looks like Blake Shelton.”
“I said hey, could you give me a ride home?’” said Hartman. “He said ‘where do you live’…I said, ‘just right over yonder.’”
“I said you wouldn’t believe it, Blake Shelton pulled me out,” said Hartman. “Told her ‘you better slick up, we’ll be there in just a minute.’”
Roho now hopes someday, he can return the favor.

Thanks to TV-4 KFOR for the story.   Check out the video on their website